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XFasten Vinyl Floor Tape

XFasten Vinyl Floor Tape

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Brand: XFasten

XFasten Vinyl Floor Tape 2 Inch x 36 Yards 6 Mils Gym Floor Tape 2 Inch | Court Marking Tape Outdoor 2 Floor Tape for Gymnasium Classroom | Floor Marking Tape Yellow Tape | Vinyl Tape Dancefloor Tape

Color: Yellow


  • LONG-LASTING FLOOR TAPE. This Yellow Tape is an industrial-grade Gym Floor Tape for Gymnasium, Classroom, Court, Warehouse, and Dancefloor that withstands heavy foot traffic. Perfect as a pickleball court tape or social distancing tape.
  • TOUGH BUT RESIDUE-FREE. Our 2” Yellow Vinyl Floor Tape for Classroom’s silicone adhesive can adhere to any floor surface (wood, concrete, tile). It will not leave a sticky and gooey residue and will not damage the surface upon removal.
  • BRIGHTLY VISIBLE BUT UNINTRUSIVE. This 2” Floor Marking Tape uses vivid colored pigment that’s highly visible even from afar, without being too bright, so it will not be intrusive in the field of vision, nor will this Gym Floor Tape 2 Inch take too much attention.
  • ZERO PAINTING NEEDED. Say goodbye to plant shutdowns or time wasted on masking, painting, and curing markers. Eliminate operation downtime by just quickly laying down our court marking tape outdoor!
  • STICKS WELL ON UNEVEN SURFACES. This Dancefloor Splicing Tape can also be used for social distancing or queue line markings as it is laboratory tested and rated to stick to any surface- may it be wood, wood laminate, tile, linoleum, concrete, cement, or plastic.
  • HOW TO APPLY. To apply, draft the floor by marking where the tape should be placed, then simply peel and stick the tape on the surface. You can also improve the bonding strength by applying force and pressure against the tape using a rolling pin or any cylindrical object.
  • RATED TO LAST. Our tape is rated to last for up to 5 years, even under heavy foot and equipment traffic. It will resist abrasion and tearing, making this athletic gym floor tape the most durable tape for courts, sporting events, and dance floors on the market.
  • SURFACE-SAFE. Are you planning on applying this to your school gym, basketball court, outdoor court, or an industrial warehouse? Whatever the surface may be, our floor tape will not damage the surface, nor will it leave a sticky residue upon removal.
  • UV-RESISTANT AND ZERO-FADING. Some tapes fade months after installation. Our tape has a UV-resistant backing that shields it against fading, so its color stays visible and vibrant.
  • NO CHEMICAL SMELL. Some safety tapes have a strong chemical odor that can be irritating. Our Floor Marking Tapes are made with 100% pure silicone, eliminating any chemical smell.

model number: FMVTY236

Part Number: 754495878391

Details: The XFasten Yellow Floor Marking Tape is a heavy-duty Industrial Warehouse Marking Tape that can be used on almost any flooring materials, making it a versatile tape for warehouses, industrial plants, courts, sporting, and athletic events, and even dance floors. Its adhesive is strong, yet it does not leave any residue. Moreover, it does not scuff floors upon removal
Why Choose the XFasten Warehouse Floor Tape?
Built to last.With its aggressive adhesive that is designed to withstand heavy foot traffic, sports equipment and even forklift, this concrete marking tape is designed to take a beating!
Bright Yellow Pigment That Does Not Tarnish. We made sure that the yellow pigment on the yellow marking floor tape is deep and rich so that it wouldn’t fade and will always stay crisp and clear even under heavy traffic. It is a perfect tape for marking aisles, passageways, exits, product pointers and for marking sections on warehouses.
Versatile. It sticks to almost all surface types, may it be concrete, tile, plastic, marble, wood, or vinyl. This tape can be used as a warehouse marker tape, a dancefloor marking tape or as a sports floor marking tape!
Surface-Safe and Residue-free. Remove it anytime, may it be days or months after installation, and expect no residue, damage or scuffs on the floor. This athletic floor tape is built to protect your floor.
Why Choose The XFasten Store?
We follow a set of strict laboratory and manufacturing standards which are accredited by ISO 9001. Also, our customer service team will accommodate you any time of the day on your inquiries—even for products that have been purchased many months ago. This is what a true worry-free purchase means.

EAN: 0754495878391

Package Dimensions: 4.4 x 4.3 x 1.9 inches

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