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Tubular Reusable Slide Sheet with Handles

Tubular Reusable Slide Sheet with Handles

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Brand: Patient Aid

Patient Aid 48" x 28" Tubular Reusable Slide Sheet with Handles | for Patient Transfers, Turning, and Repositioning in Bed | Sliding Draw Sheets to Assist Moving Elderly & Disabled

Color: With Handles


  • Versatile - Move, turn, transfer or re-position patients with our tubular reusable slide sheet with handles.
  • Safe - Handles make it much safer and easier to position the sheet, reducing likelihood of patient or caregiver injury.
  • Comfortable - Designed for maximum patient comfort. Gentle against patient's skin.
  • Compatible - Works with alternating pressure and low air loss bed mattresses.
  • Durable - Made of nylon with reinforced webbed handles. Machine washable and long lasting if properly cared for. 1-year limited warranty.

Part Number: PA-12271

Details: Patient Aid 48" x 28" Tubular Reusable Slide Sheet with Handles
Model Number: PA-12271
Patient Aid slide sheets are the smart choice for all healthcare facilities and home care environments when moving patients. Slide sheets can be used to reposition patients in bed, turn patients or transfer them.
This slide sheet has ergonomically inclined handles for gripping. Caregivers can maneuver patients to the desired position without having to lift patients, which can cause injury to arms, back, and related muscles of the caregiver.
This slide sheet is made with the highest quality material to provide the caregiver with peace of mind when delivering care. This slide sheet is made of very durable and heavy-duty nylon. The handles are webbed and reinforced.
This slide sheet is designed to be gentle against the skin. This allows patients to be positioned or moved in any direction easily while reducing the chance of patient injury.
This slide sheet is easy to clean and is machine washable. If cared for correctly, this slide sheet will last for years.
This slide sheet can be used with alternating pressure and low air loss bed mattresses.
Note: Slide sheets are not lifting devices and should never be used to pick up patients.
Note: Slide sheets should not be left under the patient when not in use.
550 lbs weight capacity.
1-year limited warranty.
Patient Aid has a full line of reusable slide sheets for various patient needs. This slide sheet is 48" x 28". We also sell several other sizes of reusable tubular slide sheets: 24" x 16", 28" x 28", 57" x 28" and 48" x 39". Please do not hesitate to contact us with questions about slide sheet sizing for your patient.

Package Dimensions: 11.1 x 9.8 x 0.9 inches

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