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Mangar Camel Emergency Lifting Portable Cushion

Mangar Camel Emergency Lifting Portable Cushion

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Brand: Mangar Health

Mangar Camel Emergency Lifting Portable Cushion for Elderly Adults - FHS & HSA Eligible, Comfortable, Relaxation, Lightweight, Inflatable Chair Fully Waterproof

Color: Grey


  • SAFETY AND COMFORT: The backrest not only keeps users comfortable when being lifted but provides extra support as they are raised from the ground. Caregivers are also kept safe from back strain as they help lift the fallen person.
  • EASY TO USE: The four-button hand control is set up in a number sequence that allows for the cushion to be adjusted to the appropriate level for the user to get up, based on height and medical needs.
  • PORTABLE: The cushion is only 14 pounds, so it can be transported easily with a discreet carry bag and strap. It can be used indoors and outdoors.
  • NON-SLIPPERY: The cushion is designed to minimize fall risk as it slides underneath the patient so they can be lifted to safely stand.
  • CORDLESS: There is no need to worry about outlets or tangling cords as the cushion is cordless and battery-operated.
  • FSA &HSA Eligible: This lifter is a cost-effective option, eligible for Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA) and Health Savings Accounts (HSA), providing a practical solution for those in need of reliable support during recovery.

Binding: Kitchen

model number: MPCA060400

Part Number: MPCA060400

Details: The Mangar Camel inflatable lifting chair is used by Caregivers in the USA and across the world to lift fallen people from the floor into a seated position. Powered by a portable Airflo compressor, the emergency lifting cushion is positioned underneath the fallen person before being inflated. The Mangar Camel includes a supportive backrest, which when inflated raises the person to an upright position.
If you are caring for a loved one who regularly falls, the Mangar Camel lifting chair provides a safe, stable and dignified lift while protecting you from injury. The emergency lifting cushion takes just a couple of minutes to set up and inflate, meaning you can quickly raise a fallen person and avoid leaving someone on the floor for long periods of time while waiting for help.
For many Caregivers the repetitive nature of lifting fallen people can severely impact their health, causing back pain and muscle injury. The Mangar Camel is very easy to use and will lift anyone weighing up 700lbs, requiring minimal intervention from the Caregiver. Lightweight and portable, the Mangar Camel lifting chair can be used inside or out, making it a very versatile piece of lifting equipment.
The Mangar Camel lifting chair also provides a dignified lift for people living with dementia. The person being lifted recognizes the ‘chair like’ quality of the emergency lifting cushion while keeping their feet on the floor, so feeling safe and secure.

EAN: 5020833003936

Package Dimensions: 32.0 x 15.0 x 15.0 inches

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