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Keywing Key Turner Aid

Keywing Key Turner Aid

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Brand: Dext

Keywing Key Turner Aid 3 Pack. Makes Keys so Much Easier. Perfect Key Cover Cap for Rheumatoid Arthritis, MS or Parkinsons Gift, Elderly with weak Hands.

Color: Pink, Blue, Green


  • TURN KEYS WITH EASE - When in place the Keywing key turner creates a key cover cap 'thumb turn' and provides extra leverage so that far less strength is required to hold and turn a key, helping to reduce hand pain.
  • FIND KEYS WITH EASE - The range of attractive, vibrant colours for your house keys remove the frustration of guessing 'which key is which' and makes them easy to find and identify.
  • GRIP KEYS WITH EASE - The comfortable dimpled domes give fingers a firm grip to stop you fumbling & dropping keys. The nylon body provides a ‘warm’ touch point for cold fingers.
  • USE KEYS WITH EASE - Comfortable grip increases control and safety. The Keywing slides in and out of pockets effortlessly thanks to the slim, light-weight, award winning design. The triple pack makes a fantastic gift for anyone, especially Grandma, Grandpa, Mum or Dad.
  • Note: The Keywing is suitable for flat 'yale' style / cylinder rim lock house keys. Not suitable for mortice lock / chubb keys or car keys.

Binding: Electronics

model number: KEYWING-AS-001-01-TP

Part Number: KEYWING-AS-001-01-TP

Details: FIND, GRIP & TURN KEYS WITH EASEThe Keywing key turner is handy for anyone , and is essential for anyone with arthritis, carpal tunnel, parkinsons or weak hands.

You never know when you or a loved one may struggle with a stiff lock or fiddly key. When this happens, it has dangerous impacts to independence and safety. A Keywing provides peace of mind that you will breeze in and out of doors and will remember the smiling faces on the other side of the door instead of the struggle with your keys!

HOW IT WILL HELP YOU ➤ TURN KEYS WITH EASE:Double the turning power! The Keywing quickly clips on to your key and instantly transforms it into an easy grip thumb turn. This gives you extra leverage so you can grip and twist with half the strength and effort!

➤ FIND KEYS WITH EASE: The vibrant colours are easy to spot - whether they are hiding on a cluttered bench or at the bottom of your hand bag! You can forget the daily frustration of guessing 'which key is which' with a different colour on each key.

➤ GRIP KEYS WITH EASE: Four dimpled finger grips give you a firm grip so you won’t fumble or drop your keys when trying to find the hole! The textured surface is a ‘warm’ touch point for cold fingers.

➤ USE KEYS WITH EASE: Clip on and off different keys whenever you need. The Keywing key turner aid slides in and out of your pocket effortlessly thanks to the slim, light-weight, award winning design.


The premium packaging boasts the Design Council UK Innovation Award and Made In Britain logos, and clear instructions so the receiver instantly knows the quality gift they are receiving.

WHAT KEYS DOES IT FIT?: The Keywing is suitable for cylinder rim lock keys
NOT mortice lock keys.

2 YEAR GUARANTEE: Hassle free refunds & a 2 Year Guarantee.

EAN: 5060568970028

Package Dimensions: 7.9 x 6.5 x 0.6 inches

Languages: English

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