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IndeeLift People Picker Upper

IndeeLift People Picker Upper

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Brand: IndeeLift

IndeeLift People Picker Upper | PPU 300 | Patient Lift – Lift Assist Device, Fall Recovery, Transfer Aid | Heavy-Duty Weight Capacity 300lb - Seat Can Be Raised 21" - Sit to Stand Electric Human Lift

Color: Grey


  • HUMAN LIFT: The PPU is a personal floor lifts that helps raise people from the floor to a normal chair height allowing them to stand or be transferred with the least amount of effort. It’s the perfect floor lift for elderly individuals who have fallen, when getting back up from exercise, therapy, gardening or playing with a family pet. By using this electric mechanical lift, seniors can get up from the floor after a fall, whether in their home or an assisted living facility. Make senior life more stable with the People Picker Upper!
  • SELF-OPERATED: This is a floor lift for elderly people to use independently, so they can feel secure in their own space. Once crawled, rolled, or scooted over to the PPU, they can lift themselves to a height of their choice, whether rising to a stand or transferring to a sofa or a wheelchair
  • LIFT ASSIST DEVICE: This is also a lift that can be used in assisted living centers, senior housing, senior centers, hospice and by caregivers. By using the IndeeLift, you can eliminate staff related injuries.
  • RISE ASSIST HANDLES: The rise-assist handles provide leverage for to assist in the process of standing. The arms can swing away from the seat when needed. They are also removable to allow for direct transfer to a wheelchair or other destination.
  • INDEPENDENCE FOR SENIORS: For years, elderly people have been looking for home devices to help get up from the floor, to regain the independence they deserve.

model number: PPU

Part Number: PPU-S

Details: Lift Person From the Floor The People Picker Upper is an innovation in elderly and disability care, offering seniors and less mobile people an effective way to lift themselves up from the floor. Using the PPU, elderly people can rise up from the ground, prepare carefully to stand again, get comfortable on a sofa, or transfer to a wheelchair.

Package Dimensions: 35.0 x 23.1 x 17.6 inches

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