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3 Pack - SnapPower LED Switch Light

3 Pack - SnapPower LED Switch Light

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Brand: SnapPower

Color: Ivory

3 Pack - SnapPower SwitchLight - LED Night Light - for Single-Pole Light Switches - Light Switch Plate with LED Night Lights - Adjust Brightness - Auto On/Off Sensor - (Rocker, Ivory)


  • Before You Buy - The SwitchLight requires your light switch to have 2 side screw terminals in order for the prongs to draw power. Check your light switch for those screws. Use the 2nd image for reference.
  • Where Does It Work? - The SwitchLight is designed to work on a Single-Pole switches, where a single light switch controls one light fixture in the room or hall.
  • Easy Install - Because of the patented prong design, the SwitchLight simply snaps on, no batteries, wires, brackets or mounts required. It was designed for truly simple and functional lighting in your home.
  • Adjustable Light – With adjustable light settings you can use the SwitchLight for a simple night light, or dim the light as a way to find your light switches in the night. Efficient and practical, the SwitchLight is a must for your home.
  • Beautiful - Sleek, low profile, and beautiful, the SwitchLight faceplate blends right in during the day and illuminates at night. Your home will be safer and enhanced with the addition of the SnapPower SwitchLight.

Part Number: 03-SPLG-100-RKIV

Details: Description

The SnapPower SwitchLight brings the convenience of the SnapPower GuideLight to the standard Light Switch. Remove your old switch covers and snap on the SwitchLight for beautiful lighting in seconds.

Because light switches are typically higher on the wall than outlets, the downward shining light will illuminate a larger area and keep the light out of your eyes. This also keeps the night light out of the reach of children and it stays visible above furniture. Typical night lights shine upward and into your eyes.

We included an adjustable switch so you can choose between bright, dim and off settings. This allows you to use the light for identifying your light switch or for use as a night light.

The SwitchLight is perfect for use in Bathrooms, Kitchens, Entryways, Closets, and Bedrooms.

The SwitchLight works when an overhead light is controlled by a single switch. The SwitchLight was not designed for hallways or rooms with a switch at both sides controlling the same light.

EAN: 0045929596098

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